Beaucoup Interiors is a leading brand in the furniture upholstery market in Johannesburg. We strive to provide an exceptional service; custom made furniture is our speciality and revamping your furniture pieces is what we are passionate about. We are loyal to our trusted customers and promise to take extra care of your product while it is in our care.

At Beaucoup Interiors, we source the finest quality material to cover furniture and have an extensive range of fabric samples and first grade leather for you to choose from. Quality assurance is what we know best! Whether it’s an oddly covered couch you received as a house warming gift or a family chair that has been passed on for generations, all upholstery and repairs are done in our own factory by skilled artisans who take pride in their work. Our team will go through the vision you have for your piece with you and add valuable input when necessary to deliver a quality product back to you.

We offer custom made furniture ranging from:

Blanket Boxes


Corner Suites


Lounging Suites



Sleeper Couches

Including special sizes

Beaucoup Interiors provides affordable upholstery services which is the perfect solution for your worn-out pieces of furniture. Our services extend beyond re-upholstering; we also offer polishing and restoration for wooden furniture. We tighten wobbly or broken dining room chairs and increase the lifespan of your loved furniture pieces, making it easier for you to maintain and protect.

We understand the relationship our clients have with their furniture and we go out of our way to restore it to its former glory for your benefit. Our team of experienced architects takes time and caution to work with each piece individually to prevent any disasters from occurring.

If you are contemplating whether or not to keep that old piece of furniture contact Beaucoup Interiors today. We will inform you about the services we offer and how they can benefit you.


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