Lounge Suite Manufacturing

4 Latest Lounge Suite Trends:

In modern urban homes, space is most often an accessory, therefore homeowners are pressured to make the most of the space they have. They often have to compromise on comfort for good looks, especially with regards to contemporary styles and furnishing. Manufacturing innovations are constantly changing and one needs to adapt when choosing the perfect lounge suite for a home. more…

Restoring Antique Furniture: Tips and Tricks

Old vintage furniture is so precious and unique, that even when wear and tear happens we still find it hard to let go of them. From your grandmother’s coffee table, to your dad’s favourite red chair, these items have sentimental value to us and our families and when damaged we would rather store them than to throw them away. However, we offer various tips and tricks that you can make use of… more…

How to Take Care of Your Leather Couch

Beaucoup Interiors specialises in the re-upholstery of worn out furniture in Johannesburg. We have a team of skilled upholsterers who are able to transform your old leather couch into a brand new piece of furniture. We all know that the beauty of your living room lies not in the size of the room but in the quality and appearance of your furniture. Beaucoup Interiors understands the importance of taking good care of your leather couch.


Custom Made Furniture

3 Advantages of Custom Made Furniture:

Beaucoup Interiors specializes in custom made furniture and furniture restoration in Johannesburg.  We strive to deliver a high quality service through our extensive experience and attention to detail. Custom made furniture allows you to integrate your distinct style into the rest of the decor in your home. Beaucoup Interiors has a team of skilled carpenters that will manufacture furniture that meets your specific requirements. Custom made furniture has numerous benefits; a practical example of this would be tailored-made coffee table. It can be made of solid wood, applied with wood finishes and have your initials engraved on it.  Below is a list of the advantages of purchasing customized furniture. more…

Restoration and Upholstery

Revive Your Sofas with Restoration and Upholstery 

Quality sofas are expensive and hard to find, if they don’t last longer than five years then you’re not getting value for your money. Replacing them will be costly and the couches might not have the same standard of quality, therefore you should most definitely revive your sofas with restoration and upholstery.

The best solution is having your sofas reupholstered for a new look.  Beaucoup Interiors is a specialist furniture upholsterer based in Johannesburg that is ready to assist you in reviving your quality sofas.

We have over 40 years of experience in the industry and are renowned for our superior workmanship. 


Reupholstery and Slip Covers

There are many different ways in which one can revitalize or redesign a space within a home or office with Reupholstery and Slip Covers. One of the most effective ways in which a new lease of life can be given to any space is through interior design. Interior design is quite a broad term and can incorporate a number of different design techniques and applications from fabrics and furniture to paint and art works and much more.


Types of Leather

3 Distinctive Types of Leather:

Aniline/Natural Leather: This leather retains the natural grain and is characterized by its exceptionally soft feel in comparison to corrected grain leather. This leather is coloured with a dye that completely penetrates the hide showing off the surface contours indentations and marks in their best possible light. The tanning process leaves its pores open and capable of diffusion, permitting the leather to absorb and give off bodily moisture thus keeping it at a temperature pleasant to touch. All scares, marks and grain variations will show. They should be regarded as hallmarks which bear testimony to the natural origins of leather. The leather is more sensitive to light and should therefore be protected from the effects of direct sun and halogen light.


Why Reupholster?

Why reupholster when you can buy new furniture for less? One has to wonder why reupholstering furniture often costs more than buying new furniture. Having spent the greater part of my life in a furniture factory I have seen all sorts, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

A couch for a photo shoot once came into our factory for reupholstery, the seat was so lumpy and uneven and the white fabric showed the faults even more glaringly. The previous upholsterer had used fencing wire instead of springs and filled the gaps with bundles of fabric off-cuts. Okay, so that was the worst I remember, but some of the fairly new furniture that comes in for repair is pretty awful too, lots of chipboard in the frames, webbing or springs spaced so far apart that the covering tears very quickly as the cloth takes the weight instead of the springs. more…

Restore your furniture

Restore your furniture and have your interior looking brand new:

Beaucop Interiors is a well known, reliable brand that uses various ways to restore your furniture and have your interior looking brand new, representing different lifestyles people have around the world.

Beaucop Interior decorators are well aware of how costly it might be to completely renovate your home. We know you want or even need new furniture, and we also understand you might not be able to afford it. With the economy taking its toll, buying new furniture might be the last thing on your to do list. This is why we give great value to customers by focusing on furniture repairs, keeping homes interiors stunning at a fraction of any other renovation cost. more…

Modernised Upholstery Furniture

Get Inspired with Modernised Upholstery Furniture:

If you have recently been thinking about renovating or giving your home’s interior space a much needed makeover, you may want to consider the re-upholstery route, or even an entire new collection of modernised upholstery furniture. Modernised upholstery furniture means taking something that you already have and giving it a brand new, up to date and thoroughly modern look and feel.


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