Furniture Restoration Specialists


Beaucoup Interiors is an establishment that specializes in custom made furniture. Since 1970 we have become renowned for our superior workmanship. All upholstery and repairs are done in our own workshop by skilled workers who take pride in their work, and at Beaucoup Interiors we only use the finest grade materials. 

We offer custom made furniture ranging from lounging suites, chairs, corner suites, sleeper couches, recliners, ottomans, blankets boxes, headboards and special sizes if required. Beaucoup Interiors provide affordable furniture upholstery services, which is the perfect solution for your worn-out pieces of furniture. We also make cushions for patio furniture and cane furniture, as well as refill cushions with high density foam.

Throwing your furniture away is NOT the only option! Here at Beaucoup Interiors we also specialize in furniture restoration. We polish and restore wooden furniture, tighten wobbly or broken dining room chairs.  We have a large range of fabric samples and superior grade leather to choose from. We work with a variety of establishments such as antique shops, decorators and architects. If you are in Johannesburg, accessing our services will not be a challenge, as we deliver in and around the Johannesburg vicinity.


For all your upholstery needs please contact Beaucoup Interior today!


We Manufacture:

  • Lounge Suites 
  • Chairs 
  • 2 Division Couches 
  • 3 Division Couches 
  • Corner Suites 
  • Sleeper Couches 
  • Recliners 
  • Ottomans 
  • Blanket boxes 
  • Headboards 
  • Special sizes if required

We Reupholster:

  • Lounge Suites 
  • Recliners 
  • Dining Room Chairs 
  • Louis and Queen Anne Buttoned-back Chairs and other furniture. 
  • We make Cushions for Patio and Cane Furniture 
  • Refill Cushions with High Density Foam or Comferell 
  • We Replace Cane and Riempies.
  • Make Cushions for Morris Chairs 
  • Make New Covers 
  • Repair Zips 

We specialize In:

  • Polishing and Restoring of Wooden Furniture 
  • Tighten Wobbly or Broken Dining Room Chairs


We have a large range of fabric samples and superior grade leather. We work for decorators, antique shops and architects. We collect and deliver in and around the Johannesburg area.


Please contact our factory shop to discuss your furniture restoration and upholstery needs.

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